About Us

More than 10 years of experience in handling large-scale waste supports our specialized industrial-services company. We maintain a firm belief in protecting the planet through steps and procedures that respect nature’s cycles.

We train our staff in the strictest safety standards and environmental awareness to develop a company of high-quality, efficiency and accountability.

While we remain in constant growth, our working group is experienced in the management and treatment of waste. We have a responsible and committed staff.

At PBP Industrial Services LLC, we develop customized solutions for the operations of each business sector, deploying current technology and modern transportation. Our services are tailored to the needs of each client.

How do we work?

Protecting human health and helping the planet to recover its natural balance is very important. So at PBP Industrial Services LLC, we understand that waste management and cleaning in large companies should have an affordable cost.

We offer high quality services to all types of industries that need to collect, transport, treat or dispose of unusable waste. We efficiently and responsibly manage duct cleaning, manufacturing equipment and production areas.

Through our services, we increase company savings.

At PBP Industrial Services LLC, we strive to do our job and to be leaders in the waste-management and cleaning industries. We support the development of Puerto Rico today with the highest standards of service and professionalism.

Trainings, permits and licenses

The continuing education of our experts is very important. All employees must regularly update their knowledge and certifications, including completing examinations and tests to check their health status and tolerance to confined spaces with hazardous materials.

When you hire us you can be sure that our has training in confined spaces, personal protective equipment, spill management, Hazwoper, respiratory protection, scaffolding, lockout and tagout. We provide licenses, permits, workshops and everything else you need for professional intervention without affecting the welfare or the security of your facilities.

Some of our clients: