Services and Equipment

Our knowledge and experience in the latest management and regulation of different types of waste, allow us to offer solutions that protect the environment.

We manage special non-hazardous wastes, solid, liquid, semi-solid and others, directly or indirectly generated by industrial processes, preventing them from becoming air, water or land pollutants.

Vacuum and Super Vacuum Trucks

Our vacuum trucks have advanced technology, safety and high reliability. They are designed to carry solids, liquids and slurries through suction lines. They are used regularly to clean storage tanks and spills.

They can be part of your company’s maintenance. After removing and collecting liquids, we transport them to the appropriate deposit anywhere in Puerto Rico.

The flushing truck can reach a depth of 30 feet. With the super vacuum, we collect liquids or solids.

Industrial cleaning

Avoiding health risks and taking care of your employees or machinery is very important. With our specialized cleaning you'll also help restore the natural balance of the planet and reduce costs in industrial equipment repairs.

At PBP Industrial Services LLC, we use modern technology for large facilities where difficult waste accumulates. We have the skilled personnel to manage the high performance equipment we have.

We do tank washing, puddle cleaning where trench waters run, clean treatment plants and levee systems. Also, we unclog sanitary pipes. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate methods for each type of need in your industry.


Helps eliminate embedded waste and accumulated tartar deposits in boilers, reactors, condensers, heat exchangers and coolers. It also works on surfaces to remove paint, concrete and debris after a fire.

We do washing and unclogging with 1,000 to 10,000 pounds of pressure or more.

Sand Blasting

We apply high pressure fluid against a surface. This way, we smooth the area and eliminate roughness. This procedure is ideal for peeling and discarding polluting materials from industrial areas.

Sand Induction

Along with the pressure washer, we do sand induction. With this mixture, we remove rust and paint, shine and clean. We professionally manage the process from start to finish.

Environmental Emergencies

Our staff is trained to handle any type of environmental emergency (spill, cleanup of contaminated areas, etc.) anywhere in Puerto Rico.